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Who is Grand Lakes Swim Team?

Grand Lakes Swim Team (GLST) is a non-profit, volunteer led organization. We provide interested Grand Lakes youths the opportunity to participate in a quality competitive summer swimming program.
Our goal is to provide personal growth, self-esteem, enjoyment and introduction to the lifelong health benefits of the sport of swimming. The sport will be taught in a fun environment while nurturing a competitive attitude and allowing each swimmer to progress at their own rate.

WHALe Swim League

The West Houston Aquatic League (WHALe) is a recreational summer league whose main purpose is to give children an opportunity to participate in organized swimming. The primary emphasis is on individual improvement and achievement. Sportsmanship is emphasized for all participants, children and adults.

WHALe was started in 1985 with 8 teams. By 2019 the league has grown to 35 teams with more than 4,000 swimmers making up 7 divisions, with 5 teams in each. The divisions are organized by the size of the swim teams - Division 1 comprising of the largest teams in the league and so on. GLST is in Division 1.


1. GLST is available to all swimmers that are residents of Grand Lakes

ages 4 to 18 as of May 1st of the current year

2. A swimmer must be a novice swimmer as defined by WHALe

3. A swimmer cannot have swum on any college or university swim team

4. 6 & under swimmers must be able to legally swim freestyle across the pool

5. 7 & up swimmers must be able to legally swim freestyle and backstroke across the pool unassisted

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